Your Privacy at The Jackson Clinic

Nothing has changed …
but everything seems different.

A physician-patient relationship, to be strong, must be governed by mutual trust, respect, honesty and courtesy. A fundamental part of that relationship is everyone's understanding that a patient's personal health information is private.

Since the founding of The Jackson Clinic Professional Association in 1950, our patients have shared personal health information with our professional staff. That information has been placed into each individual's medical record. We have respected the confidentiality of that medical record and the health information in it. We still do … nothing has changed.

We always have required that our employed staff – medical, business and administrative – understand the importance to patients of confidentiality, and that they abide by The Jackson Clinic rules and policies to preserve patient privacy. We still require that … nothing has changed.

Since 1998, the U.S. Government has issued hundreds of pages of regulations that prescribe detailed federal rules governing the privacy of personal health information. The use of various notices, forms and authorizations is now mandated. Formal procedures are specified. These regulations are intended to help keep your health information private in a modern, computerized world. As all of us comply with the new law, things may seem different.

But the fundamental principal has not changed. Your privacy has always been important to us … and it still is.

The Physicians and Staff of The Jackson Clinic, P.A.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

  • Confidentiality of health information is a right of the patient. Except when the law states otherwise, only the patient can waive this confidentiality.
  • The Jackson Clinic respects the privacy of health information you entrust to us.
  • We maintain your health information in your Jackson Clinic medical record. That record helps us to care for you.
  • Your health record is accessible to The Jackson Clinic physicians and staff who have a need to use it for legitimate purposes connected to your treatment.
  • We will share pertinent information from your medical record to other persons who participate in your care, including health care professionals outside of The Jackson Clinic.
  • We provide health information to your insurer or health plan to facilitate the proper payment of medical claims.
  • You may obtain a copy of your medical record, or a portion of it.
  • You can authorize us to send your health information to other persons or businesses, and we will do so.
  • You have a right to know when your health information is disclosed to others because of legal mandates, unless the law also imposes an obligation to not inform you of the disclosure.
  • We value the trust and confidence that our patients have in our physicians and staff, and we deeply appreciate the honor and privilege of serving your health care needs.

Click here for Notice of Health Information Privacy Practice (pdf 154k)